Monday 2 March 2020



The clouds are so very dark and deep
Or is that only what I could draw
Perhaps, she must be praying and yearning
To get out of this seasonal prison of Sky
Strange was her journey, fearful was her transformation
Time has heard her thunderous cry
She has smiled again with the flash
Dancing in the ecstasy raining down free
No more she, a dark pregnant rain cloud
But a bright tiny drop of life.

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan

A drop of life sinks into waiting arms
wetting parched lips
soothing scaling wrinkles
of a forlorn, barren land,
streaming through shrivelled veins
filling earthen heart with hope
sowing new seeds of energy
fading into eternal skies
into a new womb, a new cloud
and a new life cycle in eternity.

Sujatha Warrier

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