Friday 27 June 2014

In The Wee Hours

Light’s about to break
Into yet another day
The sky’s infinite seam,

Time’s here for sailing
The fathomless night
On the bow of a dream.

In sly, bashful pursuit
Her rambling heart
Into the silver stream,

The moon hurries along
Her quiet, stealthy way
The dark distant horizon.

Bidding a fond farewell
Under the night’s cover
The sun’s ’round the turn,

She’s caught though in flight
Abashed, aroused,
By the wee hours of dawn.

© Sujatha Warrier 2013

(Included in Suvarnarekha, an Anthology of Indian Women Poets Writing in English, edited by Dr. Nandini Sahu)

Thursday 19 June 2014

At the foothills of Munnar

Mist falling away
From her torso
Lush and dew laden,
The mountain reclines
In careless abandon.

Dense, deep, dark
And tousled
Are her wavy tresses
As the cool wind
And drizzle
Shower soft caresses.

Clouds of fog rise
In soft sighs
In the lazy afternoon hour
As she slips in and out
Of a heady,
Lingering sensual languor.

© Sujatha Warrier 2013

[Published in Anthesis International English Poetry Collection]

Thursday 12 June 2014

The night tonight

The night’s tonight
An overflowing cup
Of sweet sparkling white wine
I drink hard
Into the little hours
And have still not had my fill.

Alone, adrift
In a dark reverie
Drowning a zillion thoughts
I gather anew
Random musings
Drawn from the swirling fathoms.

In vain I seek
To wean off the lure
Of the spilling frothing brim
Still succumb again
To the heady hour
Of the night and the moonlight.

© Sujatha Warrier 2013

[Published in Anthesis International English Poetry Collection]

Thursday 5 June 2014

Footfalls of Silence

A duet poem is a joy to write when the poets are in tune with each other. Footfalls of Silence is a poem written with Nirmala Sasi Varier for Synthesis, an anthology of duet poems, published by Poiesis Online (Gopakumar Radhakrishnan).

Footfalls of Silence

I tread carefully
lest I trample on the
leaves of your memory,
the murmurs of your presence
still whispering in my ears,
the silence of your absence
resounding in my heart,
your voice in my memory
fading away in timbre,
your call still tugging at my soul.

Lingering with the flies
of fleeting reminiscences
I stall my lonely steps
for your long-awaited footfalls
to catch up with mine,
I pause at every turn
of an unspoken thought
hoping you will intercept
to meet me at this bend or the next
on this road to infinity.

© Nirmala Sasi Varier/Sujatha Warrier 2013

(Included in Synthesis, an anthology of duet poems.)