Thursday 23 December 2021

One More Line and Other Poems

Title: One More Line and Other Poems
Genre: Poetry
Author: Sujatha Warrier
Publisher: Authorspress
Bookstore: Amazon 

Excerpt from the Foreword to the Book

"The mark of a good poet is to sustain the theme within the poem’s ambit and good poetry is never effusive in language. If it is to come alive it must be put together efficiently, organized naturally, say like a tree, whose every part serves a useful purpose and cooperates with every other part to preserve and express the life that is within it. Sujatha succeeds in that aspect quite effortlessly.

Poems, like semi-transparent opal, flash out different colours when slowly turned in the light. Readers' understanding and receptivity must turn in that light to enjoy all the facets that her poems offer."

 - Ambika Ananth, Author, Poet, Journalist, Founder Editor of 'Muse India'

Between Thought and Expression


A thought turns into a word. Words run into lines. Lines become an expression. Some of these expressions connect to your mind like leaves to a petiole. Some fall in an autumnal disarray. Some stay with you wherever you go, like leaves carried by the wind to different places. Whatever be its fate, every leaf has its own purpose. Here, I hold out to you a small foliage of expressions. Each, I am sure, will find its destiny.

 - Sujatha Warrier 

The book is available on Amazon at the following link:

Friday 17 December 2021

Of Yellow Hues






നിൻ്റെ വെൺനിലാപാട്ടിൽ?

നിന്നിൽ നിന്നൂറി-

പ്പരക്കുന്നതോ മഞ്ഞ

എൻ്റെ ശൂന്യമാം വാനിൽ?

© ജയശ്രീ പെരിങ്ങോട്


Whether it be the sun
seeping down
melting into
the fair moonlight of your song
or the yellow hue
oozing from you
in my sky of nothingness?

© Sujatha Warrier


Friday 10 December 2021

Light of Knowledge

PC: Manikantan Mundakkal

Knowledge and ignorance. One chases and the other flees. It's like a chasing game between light and darkness. The darkness of ignorance has to be driven away by the light of knowledge. While darkness can always creep in on its own, light has to be kindled.

Translation is a delightful experience as you delve into each line and the lines in between.


ഇരുളു ചുറ്റി-

വരിയും വെളിച്ചമേ 

കുതറി മാറുക -




തുരത്തുക -

നീയാണു സത്യമെന്നു 

നിറഞ്ഞു പടരുക -

© ജയശ്രീ പെരിങ്ങോട്


Shrug away, Light,
this darkness
that binds you tight!
Chase it away
with a glare
should it crawl back again.
Swell up and suffuse
as you would
the truth that you are.

© Sujatha Warrier

Friday 3 December 2021

The Brahmmastra - Unleash Your Hidden Power to Heal

Knowledge – the Ultimate Weapon

Book Title: The Brahmmastra – Unleash Your Hidden Power to Heal
Author: Dr. A. Sreekumar
Publisher: Authorspress
Bookstore: Amazon

“The Brahmmastra – Unleash Your Hidden Power to Heal” by Dr. A. Sreekumar is a unique book with an interesting perspective on health or “Wellness” as to how it should be really perceived and how it can be actually achieved. The author tells you how to go beyond your five senses and to look beyond scientific proofs to understand yourself, your body and your health. After all, all scientific evidences began only as a belief in someone’s mind. The fact that most of what man has discovered are researched further and disproved later to discover new facts shows that man has almost always been wrong.

“We want science to support anything for believing it. And that leads to the thought that science is information manipulated to show proof so as to create belief. In fact, science is described as nothing but a bundle of lies. It’s just evidences that may be very strong till someone disproves it. So life is an argument or just a crossing between truth and falsehood.”

The author further asks – Are we living in good health or comfort? All the progress and development that we made in science and technology have, in fact, given us more and more comfort at increasing cost of our own health.

“Today we have reached the extremes. Luxury, money and comfort are taking us for a ride. Glucose, the human energy currency, has become our destroyer. Oxygen, our soul and life, and Fat, the real essential, are all our enemies now. We are trying to attack and destroy them with chemicals. These so-called chemicals that are designed to protect our life are also our enemies.”

Today we understand health to be just a state where we do not have any illnesses. Was this our belief all along or were we led to believe this? A question that is worth pondering. The belief that health is nothing but a state of lack of disease is perhaps what is most detrimental to health. The belief ensures that health and wellness remains forever seemingly close yet always out of reach.

“Though the definition of health is scientific, we see health as only a state of absence of diseases – the reason why most health check-ups are designed to screen for particular diseases. This screening for early detection of diseases is causing more stress than prevention. If nothing is detected, we have to wait for the next review in six months or one year with the hope of detecting a disease.”

Hence, the focus should never by on disease but on health. To put it simply, disease care should not rule our lives, and health care should be our way of life. And the right system of health care would be one that integrates “food and medicine in the most symbiotic way to ensure better health and life.” And the Brahmmastra that the author refers to here is nothing but the awareness of one’s own hidden potential to destroy anything that can challenge one’s existence.

“Your understanding of yourself would pave the way for better health. You are little short of a galaxy, and you know that there is a hidden, subtle power that is responsible for everything in you…You have to understand clearly the hidden mechanism and how to achieve the perfect balance for a smooth survival in any environment. Optimal and sustainable health is an absolute necessity. This understanding of your innermost power is called Brahm.”

Personally, I find that any knowledge to figure out which you have to seek within yourself is nothing but a reflection of that ultimate truth knowing which you would never need to seek anything anymore. Dr. Sree takes us on a journey right into the primary cell within our body and he shows us how the functioning of this cell is in tandem with the environment. And what he refers to as environment is the environment around us and the environment within us. Indeed, one realises in the end that the line, if at all there is one, that divides the two is but thin.

Thank you, Dr. Sree for writing this book.