Monday 11 December 2023

The Bing Bang Theory


If this planet is my home...

If my home is this planet and if I throw the waste – the garbage – generated in my home out the window of my home, where would it fall? Perhaps it would continually fall in the infinite abyss called space. The gravitational forces of all the heavenly bodies would push and pull it. In the end, it would be forced to follow its own elliptical orbit, and it would have to rotate and revolve around the heavenly bodies just to avoid collision, just to stay in space, just so it won’t fall.

Think of all the garbage thrown from all the windows of the planet, rotating and revolving in space! In a snowballing effect, they would grow to become as gigantesque as a planet. And there would be all those vermin living on it unhindered, in bliss, making their own heaven of it.

Piles of garbage would continue to heap up, forming spheres and moving in orbits of their own. Vermin of infinite kinds would live on them. Pollutants would co-exist, react, and evolve. More and more, and newer, emissions would pervade the universe. Humans would learn to breathe all kinds of gases.

In time, man would discover these new "planets". Forging ahead with his scientific searches and researches, he would send rockets to explore the possibility of life on these new planets. He may eventually turn these planetoids into space tourism destinations, disturbing the peaceful lives of the vermin, making life difficult for them…

Indeed, there would be no stopping us.


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