Thursday 23 December 2021

One More Line and Other Poems

Title: One More Line and Other Poems
Genre: Poetry
Author: Sujatha Warrier
Publisher: Authorspress
Bookstore: Amazon 

Excerpt from the Foreword to the Book

"The mark of a good poet is to sustain the theme within the poem’s ambit and good poetry is never effusive in language. If it is to come alive it must be put together efficiently, organized naturally, say like a tree, whose every part serves a useful purpose and cooperates with every other part to preserve and express the life that is within it. Sujatha succeeds in that aspect quite effortlessly.

Poems, like semi-transparent opal, flash out different colours when slowly turned in the light. Readers' understanding and receptivity must turn in that light to enjoy all the facets that her poems offer."

 - Ambika Ananth, Author, Poet, Journalist, Founder Editor of 'Muse India'

Between Thought and Expression


A thought turns into a word. Words run into lines. Lines become an expression. Some of these expressions connect to your mind like leaves to a petiole. Some fall in an autumnal disarray. Some stay with you wherever you go, like leaves carried by the wind to different places. Whatever be its fate, every leaf has its own purpose. Here, I hold out to you a small foliage of expressions. Each, I am sure, will find its destiny.

 - Sujatha Warrier 

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  1. I am delighted. I am so happy. That a leaf found expression by Poet Sujatha. Best wishes to you, poet.