Thursday 19 August 2021

To the muse that you are...Gulzar!

PC: Public Domain

This is one of my tributes to Gulzar Saab whose verses never cease to haunt me. A poem inspired by the lyrics of one of his songs. This is not a translation, nor a transcreation. And no, this is not transgression. This is a poem that wrote itself in my mind inspired by his poetry. A humble tribute to him on his birthday.

These liquid jewels
of joy
peeping through
the petals of my life,

These limpid beads
of sorrow
hidden below
the canopy of my eyes,

These gentle sprays
of crashing waves
draining the sand
from under my feet,

This drizzling bliss
of existence
seeping slowly
into my entire being,

These tiny blobs
of life
let me savour
...little by little
...drop by drop.

[Inspired by the song Katra katra milti hai in the movie, Ijaazat]


  1. Beautiful, lyrics in tribute. Why not lend voice and give music and chart on YouTube - Port Mridula?

  2. Awesome. I am a fan of Gulzar saab.

  3. Beautifully woven into a wonderful poem. Loved it. A very nice tribute to dear Gulzar ji. 👌👌👌