Tuesday 10 August 2021

Blue Hour

Pranab Basak, West Bengal

It’s the blue hour with splashes of orange when the sun lingers just around the corner. When the boats still rest lazily at the anchors and the waters are still. The waves barely move on the shores, holding the shadows intact. The sky dons pearl-white frills, and the moon still hangs around.

[This microtale was written for the above photograph, which was shortlisted in the Greenstorm Nature Photography Contest 2020, and was published on the Greenstorm Foundation website.]


  1. Blue merges with orange when stagnant water stills the shadow: freezing each shadow for moments, a watchful eye, a thoughtful mind and a feeling of depth in this few words..

    1. Thank you, Sir! Glad to know you liked it.

  2. Still scenes fetch a fountain of joy
    which we search for the soul to enjoy
    stillness sounds peace in and out
    stay put, within we carry Tranquility.

    good, a pleasent thoughtss on the scene.

    1. Thank you Swamiji. You're right, there is joy, peace, and tranquillity in such stillness. This was written for and published along with the shortlisted poems of a photography contest.