Tuesday 15 February 2022

Found and Lost

Shoonya is nothingness. It's that nothingness that encompasses everything in the universe. The world, as we know it, takes birth in this nothingness and dies in this nothingness. What remains always, the truth, is shoonya

Found and Lost is my search for myself which begins from emptiness and ends in emptiness, though I get lost somewhere in between.

Found and Lost

I search.
I search for myself
in crowded, clamorous places
while I am all adrift
somewhere in the void,

in the stillness
where creep in my thoughts
that gather in knots
only to free up
and find themselves lost,

in the silence
where I find my voice
that reverberates,
runs up and down the scales,
and then slowly fades,

in the speechlessness
where I choose my words
for that perfect eloquence
to eventually stutter
in utter meaninglessness,

in the emptiness
that fills and overflows me
until it’s replaced
by a fullness in the exact measure
of its nothingness.



  1. Shoonya - the ultimate of everything - the theater of life works out from and ends there - shoonya.

    Well composed and well read.

    Thanks for sharing..

  2. Beautiful poem very well rendered. Loved it. 👍👍👍

  3. Very good speech made by you in Panorama international literature Fest.Well composed, Beautiful poem

  4. Beautiful Poem
    fantastic lines