Friday 7 January 2022

The Moonlight Dance

Jayashree Peringode

Thiruvathira. The day Goddess Parvathi became one with Lord Siva. Women in Kerala celebrate this holy day by fasting, chewing on betel leaves, and dancing in groups around a fully lit traditional lamp in the courtyard, late into the full-moon night.

തിരുവാതിര is a Malayalam poem by Jayashree Peringode. The poem is so beautiful that one wants to re-versify it in English. In the process of re-versification, one munched on the poem for so long that it dyed one's thoughts in a flush of emotions. And the heart knew what it meant to leap and dance in joy.


കാറ്റു തേയ്ക്കും
തണുത്ത ചുണ്ണാമ്പ്
നീറ്റിയേറ്റും നിലാവിനെ
തിന്നു ചോപ്പിച്ചൊ-
രാതിരേ വരൂ

© Jayashree Peringode


Come, Athiré,
munch on the moonlight
singed, laden
with limey chill
smeared by the wind,
Come reddened,
leap a dance in me!

© Sujatha Warrier


  1. സുജാതാ .. സന്തോഷം

    1. ആതിര വരവ് എന്നിലാടി കുതിച്ച് ചോപ്പിച്ച് ,,,, സൂപ്പർ