Monday 18 October 2021

When memory floods...


Mountains crumbled
as forests drowned
and floods tumbled
from town to town.


[This poem is from the collection of micropoems, "Fireflies".  The poem was written during the time of the devastating floods in Kerala in 2018 . The photograph is a recent one, clicked during the torrential rains in 2021. The relevance of the poem, unfortunately, continues.]


  1. " ... floods tumbled from town to town ..." these four liners are like a shoot into the mismanagement ... I had seen and read about torrential rains and the rivers becoming full ... in a country bless and "owned they say" by God ..... but water just flew threw paddy fields around and rest ended up and merged with oceans ... like our minds are blocked we also blocked the natural flows with flaws ... Good striking and impactful reminder to those who manage floods.

  2. Sadly, it looks like now we have a new season - the flood season.

  3. Replies
    1. I am so happy that you could relate to the poem.

  4. Excellent... disappearing mountains... every town affected... maybe a line more to desc its recurring...congrats