Sunday 18 April 2021

On a Ramble

At the Edge of the World - Neji Ravindran

A few months back, Neji had painted a picture themed on my poem, 'Kites'. Today it's my turn. I have a poem here themed on his painting, "At the Edge of the World'. What's surprising is that this poem was written years ago. Yet the sameness of the thoughts expressed in two entirely different ways at two different points in time is amazing. One is trying to paint a poem, and the other is trying to pen a picture. And the context is the same.  But this time, the works are not intentionally collaborative.

In the poem, the protagonist is all by herself. In the painting, obviously, he is not alone. However, the 'I' in the poem can be easily replaced by the 'we' in the painting. Thank you, Neji, for this picture. 

On a Ramble

Legs dangling over the edge of the horizon

Feet splashing in the Milky Way

Watching the moon as it turns a corner

And stars light up and disappear

Drenching in the glow of a meteoric shower

In the wake of a comet's dusty trail

Basking in the aura of an approaching dawn

Before the sun is well on its way

Evading a blinding encounter

I steal away from its glaring gaze

To a farther edge of the horizon

Beyond the reach of the scorching rays

To dangle my legs and splash my feet

In the cosmic brook once again.


  1. What a beautiful painting by Neji Ravindran!!👌

    You have so beautifully dwelt upon a most favourite theme and pastime of mine. I have been an avid stargazer since my childhood. I just loved your poem. For me, that's just what the doctor ordered. 👍👏🙂


    1. Grateful that you could relate to the theme. Thank you!