Tuesday 1 January 2019

The Attic & Other Poems

The Attic & Other Poems
by Sujatha Warrier

The Attic & Other Poems is a collection of poems by Sujatha Warrier, with illustrations by the poet's daughter Bharati Varrier, a communication designer.

Some responses by those who took a peek into The Attic:

Isolation, loneliness and absences seep through Sujatha Warrier's poems. She writes of "unwanted memories," her attic's "cluttered storehouse". All her attempts to live in the present "succumb" to dreary nights of pain and desolation. Her metaphoric language fluently builds up dreams and time--a "legacy undiscovered" and "unseen treasures." To read these poems is to go through a journey that records small themes, of engagements that are acutely human. It is a pleasure to read Warrier's poetry.
-          - Bibhu Padhi (Poet, Writer, Literary Critic, Translator)

Sujatha Warrier’s poems touch the heart instantaneously and stick there for long, though they are themselves quite short. I suppose that is the beauty of any poem! The poems interweaved with Bharati Varrier’s illustrations are a treat to the mind!
-           - Neelam Saxena Chandra (Novelist, Poet, Fiction Writer)

Sujatha Warrier's book of poems, The Attic & Other Poems, impresses. The poems, though she says is an attic clutter, display poetic neatness and clarity. Just as she wonders, her words and metaphors display a sensuous fluidity, a rhythmic gush, to form verse at her fingertips. An arresting quality is her ability to turn words and phrases into visuals. Night is a cup of white wine she would drink deep, glow worms turn to flaming fruits, forests fall back deep and intense, like emotions in a hurry.  Her gifts include the ability to set the reader into a mood, as in 'The foothills of Munnar' or with  the remarkable poem 'Love,' where she observes, 'Love is at its most intense, in the little moments before the moment of love.' 'The room next to my room' is a charmer. There is gaining maturity and elegance in the collection. The illustrations have come out well. It has been a pleasure, reading Sujatha's poems.
-          - Gopikrishnan Kottoor (Poet, Novelist, Playwright)

The book is available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.in/Attic-Other-Poems-Sujatha-Warrier/dp/B07G5WFSV6

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