Monday 30 March 2020

Musing Madhawa - Viraha Madhawam

Musing Madhawa - Viraha Madhawam
by Sindhoor Varkoor

Finally, I got around to reading Musing Madhawa - Viraha Madhawam by Sindhoor Varkoor. The book is a collection of poems, which flow like the music from flute of Madhawa Himself.

Varkoor has this fascinating way of expressing a great deal through very few words. And this amazing knack for leaving things unsaid, still conveying them with great precision. Here are some of my favourite lines.

"The bond in clasping hands
- that talk in a language only they can comprehend,..." (Poem: Never Happened)

'Li'l bits of me
Get lost in you
Slowly every moment..." (Poem: Bits Of Me)

"How many wreaths should I make
For a love that dies and dies everyday?" (Poem:Wreaths)

"I stopped thinking
All about you

Right now

I am still not thinking
About you." (Poem: I Stopped Thinking)

"I emerged
Out of fire
And nothing burnt me
Than you." (Poem: Your Sita)

I wear pain
Like old clothes
Very comfortably..." (Poem:Pain)

Sindhoor Varkoor, may you be blessed with more poetry. I wish the title of the book had been just 'Viraha Madhawam' though.


  1. How lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your views on the book.��

    1. The book is a lovely read. Keep writing.