Wednesday 8 May 2013

Treasuring a legacy of memories

Illustration: Bharati Varrier

Nostalgia. That feeling of wanting to go back to a place in your memory. In reality the place may have changed far beyond recognition. But in your memory, it remains intact - the way it looks, sounds, smells, feels and even tastes. Home is a place of nostalgia. There are certain special corners of the home you relate with. The sound of rain, the sight of the garden, the smell and the taste of the food you loved - each memory evokes the same longing. Go back home, and it may remain just the same for some, but it's still not quite the same. Because you have changed. And then you have this longing to return to that particular period of time, which just cannot be and that's why you've the longing in the first place. Perhaps that's why this beautiful feeling always comes with a sense of loss. However, the happiness of the memory overpowers the unhappiness of the loss.

Homecoming is about my home where I was born and brought up. The window grill, the jasmine and the night queen are some of the tangible aspects of my memories of this wonderful home. Time can fade and wear out the subject of your memories but not the cherished memories, which remain fresh forever. They are treasures that cannot be given, taken or thrown away. They can be shared, but they are still all yours.  They are there for as long as you are.


Rusty latches are harsh
On hands roughened over time.
Hinges creak, the gate drags
And tears wild, overgrown weeds.
Grappling vines of wild jasmine
Grope up the wall
Overflow the terrace
Burst into a thousand blooms
Fall again in a fragrant curtain
Down the eave
And hush lingering echoes
From a long distant childhood.
The night queen showers
A riot of memories
A few fallen apart, some faded,
And some buried too soon
To lay a lush white carpet
Unswept by gaze
Untouched by breath
Undisturbed by the hands of time.
A legacy undiscovered
A treasure unseen
Just let be, don’t step on it
This heirloom of woven memories.

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